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You want sales; you want success.

degraphics can give them to you. Gaining new customers and retaining the ones you have. Communicating with your target audience and reaching your prospects. Selling your products and selling your image. degraphics knows Advertising better than anyone else. It is a knowledge that has taken over a decade to develop and has helped us develop a prestigious roster of satisfied clients. We employ traditional methods for driving response, and we invent bold new strategies for beating our old records. We are ready to bring you sales; we are ready to bring you success.

From short-notice ad releases to complete campaign planning, we have a track record of advertisement pieces that are "creations" and not mere "productions." There is special labour that goes into each bit of communication in the media - the idea, the words, the aesthetics, all gel into a unified thought that is put across.

In the direct response advertising business, talk is cheap. All the "marketing theory" and "claims to knowledge" in the world don't matter a bit if you don't produce creative that works - creative that stands out - creative that gets the response. At the end of the day, the work we produce for our clients is all that matters. This is where true accountability comes into play.

At degraphics - creative agency in chandigarh, we have spent over a decade familiarising ourselves with every possible form of every possible medium in the advertising business. We are true experts in the field, and we put this expertise to work everyday for our clients. But, don't just listen to our talk - try out our theory.

How do you get someone rapidly turning the pages of a newspaper or magazine to stop cold on a page?

You fill that page with something relevant and interesting to the reader. A stand-out Print Ad, for instance. Sure, most people aren't reading for the ads, but that's where the challenge comes in.

degraphics knows all the tricks for diverting someone's attention from that article they are looking for to your ad. From witty and pertinent headlines to graphics and visuals that arrest the senses; from efficient and accurate copy to effective logo and call-to-action placement; degraphics knows how to manage it all.

The Internet is a direct medium. And it's completely trackable!

What more could direct advertisers want?

Campaigns run at the speed of light. Communications are refined to each potential customer's interest

degraphics - ad agency in chandigarh leverages these facts, along with tried and true direct advertising methods, to create high-response-rate interactive campaigns that bring in sales and leads. We drive consumers to your site via traditional media as well as through top notch search engine optimisation.

Media Buying
degraphics - advertising agency chandigarh offers a totally unique and effective approach to media buying.

Unlike most agencies, degraphics capitalises on highly analytical, formulised media buys. Strategic buys that allow us to predict, with a high degree of accuracy, which spots and ads will pay out. It's a strategy that will often turn a marginal loser into a winner.

And we track everything we put out there - response rates and households. Every spot, every ad, every time they run.

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