Printing is not just that – it is a communication that is to take place. And this is a specialised job. We understand all aspects of designing & printing, and the content that is to be printed and can provide a client optimised solutions when it comes to producing any document or promotional paper, the design, the words, et al. We offer a wide range of services from scientific phototypesetting, page designing and digital imaging in pre-press to sheet-fed and offset printing, automated binding and finishing and distribution management – all under one roof.

  • Automated page planning, image retouching and manipulation
  • Typesetting and page planning on PC and MAC
  • Large format, digital and wet proofing
  • Fully equipped for PDF and PS files for outputting and digital imposition
  • CTP along with conventional plate making

What we do

  • High volume multi-colour magazines, saddle stitched or perfect bound
  • Quality multi-colour calendars, brochures, folders, leaflets and more
  • Paperback and hard-case books including diaries, children’s books, STM books

How we do it

  • Online dryers for matt art paper
  • UV varnish application by screen or offset and online aqueous varnish
  • Lamination – water, solvent-based and thermal
  • All types of foil stamping, gilding, index cutting and embossing
  • Intricate dye fabrications
  • Wiro, spiral, heat sealing and tin rimming
  • 48- station gathering for perfect binding
  • An in-house ERP package that covers all departments – from estimation to dispatch and all activities in between – to ensure process transparency and complete accountability

We do both studio and “on location” shoots for print and for the web.

We have helped many clients realise their project goals through the medium of a brilliant printed piece or a dynamic website ensuring that our photographs merge smoothly with your project and help target your message.

Most projects are handled on a face-to-face basis. Jobs can also be handled via the Internet for remote client viewing and approval of images before final filming or printing. Interfacing via the Internet can expedite turnaround times on many jobs.

  • Hi-Resolution film scanning
  • Electronic photo retouching
  • Large area trade show graphics
  • Art direction
  • Layout and design
  • Pre-press and full colour printing
  • Website production
  • Catalogue and Brochure production


  • Products
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Table Top

On Location

  • Industrial
  • Technology
  • Corporate & architectural
  • Metallic silver with gold foil stamping
  • Fluorescent colour printing
  • Spot varnish
  • Duotone Emboss


Distinctive creations. Tangible Results

Direct mail, Direct response print, Interactive web or Direct response maximize sales and produce the cost-efficient and measurable results for clients by communicating one-on-one with them.

Beating the control – it’s what every direct mail package dreams of – to get opened, get read and create some action. And we know how to do it! Business-to-business, NGO’s, consumers… you name it – our agency book boasts more than a decade of winning packages. Because when it comes to direct mail, we do two things very well:

  • We understand the techniques – there is a “science” to direct mail: where the teaser should go, when to use a lift note, how to qualify a prospect on a coupon.
  • We harness the creativity – technique alone does not establish the big winners in direct mail, creativity does. A killer concept, breakthrough art direction, snappy copy, all married into one irresistible, “read-me” package!

We believe in determining, enhancing and sustaining vital and long-term relationships with the clients. Being a pioneering organization, we have always been responsive to the needs of our purchasers. Effective Communication makes dealings more proactive and the credibility helps in achieving influential results. Information created by us resonates with the target audience and an effective implementation of the services is instrumental in image building. Public Relations activity escalates the advertising campaigns and cultivates a suitable environment for their profitability.

Communications today have to be demonstrative. This is when you reach out to your potential clients and patrons, show them what you have and get them directly involved to get a taste of your service or product. We call this proactive marketing and have taken pains to build our abilities in conducting such outdoor events.

We offer a wide range of sign and banner options, including metal signs, plastic signs, magnetic auto signs, vinyl banners, posters, poster – size photo enlargements and large-format presentation materials. We even offer vinyl lettering, labels and decals that are as simple to use as bumper stickers. No matter what your budget, Degraphics can help you create an impactful message that gets noticed.

Our services include:

  • Creative planning, negotiation and buying of all types of electronic media
  • 4 & 6 sheet posters
  • 48 & 96 sheet hoardings
  • Banners
  • Single five-foot posters for trade shows.
  • Designing, printing and laminating of professional in-store signage.
  • Creating outdoor grand-opening banners.
  • Vinyl banners to stretch across streets.

Web Development

The process of creating new ideas helps in generating consistent and leading-edge web designs. We use emerging technology for strategic planning and analysis of designs and delineate the smooth operation of websites for end-users to easily navigate and interact with them. Compatibility, usability and productivity of web content ensure the value of the website on multiple platforms. We provide full-service web solutions and thrive on ingenuity and satisfaction of users.

  • Extensive skills in information architecture and usability design – the foundation of an effective website.
  • Creative services such as concept, design, writing, photography, illustration, animation, etc.
  • Programming expertise and web technology to deliver the capabilities your project requires.
  • Web application development, such as online inventory, RFQ tools, secure file sharing and e-commerce.
  • On-site hosting, scalable to your project’s needs.
  • In-depth audience analysis to ensure a compelling user experience on all platforms and configurations.
  • Comprehensive analysis of web traffic for marketing strategy.
  • Search engine optimisation services to attract potential customers.
  • Experience in promoting your site, through the web, directories, print ads and direct mail campaigns.
  • Continuing collaboration to enhance and improve your site to meet the changing needs of your customers.
  • Corporate intranets and extranets.


You want sales; you want success.

Degraphics can give them to you. Gaining new customers and retaining the ones you have. Communicating with your target audience and reaching your prospects. Selling your products and selling your image. Degraphics knows Advertising better than anyone else. It is a knowledge that has taken over a decade to develop and has helped us develop a prestigious roster of satisfied clients. We employ traditional methods for driving response, and we invent bold new strategies for beating our old records. We are ready to bring you sales; we are ready to bring you success.

From short-notice ad releases to complete campaign planning, we have a track record of advertisement pieces that are “creations” and not mere “productions.” There is special labour that goes into each bit of communication in the media – the idea, the words, the aesthetics, all gel into a unified thought that is put across.

In the direct response advertising business, talk is cheap. All the “marketing theory” and “claims to knowledge” in the world don’t matter a bit if you don’t produce creative that works – creative that stands out – creative that gets the response. At the end of the day, the work we produce for our clients is all that matters. This is where true accountability comes into play.

At Degraphics – creative agency, we have spent over a decade familiarising ourselves with every possible form of every possible medium in the advertising business. We are true experts in the field, and we put this expertise to work everyday for our clients. But, don’t just listen to our talk – try out our theory.

How do you get someone rapidly turning the pages of a newspaper or magazine to stop cold on a page?

You fill that page with something relevant and interesting to the reader. A stand-out Print Ad, for instance. Sure, most people aren’t reading for the ads, but that’s where the challenge comes in.

Degraphics knows all the tricks for diverting someone’s attention from that article they are looking for to your ad. From witty and pertinent headlines to graphics and visuals that arrest the senses; from efficient and accurate copy to effective logo and call-to-action placement; Degraphics knows how to manage it all.

The Internet is a direct medium. And it’s completely trackable!

What more could direct advertisers want?

Campaigns run at the speed of light. Communications are refined to each potential customer’s interest

Degraphics – ad agency leverages these facts, along with tried and true direct advertising methods, to create high-response-rate interactive campaigns that bring in sales and leads. We drive consumers to your site via traditional media as well as through top notch search engine optimisation.

Degraphics – advertising agency offers a totally unique and effective approach to media buying.

Unlike most agencies, Degraphics capitalises on highly analytical, formulised media buys. Strategic buys that allow us to predict, with a high degree of accuracy, which spots and ads will pay out. It’s a strategy that will often turn a marginal loser into a winner.

And we track everything we put out there – response rates and households. Every spot, every ad, every time they run.

Mobile Outdoor Advertising plays a tremendous role in today’s world of digitalization. LED Advertising Vehicles have been our main source of disseminating information and connecting with the consumer instantly. Dynamic digital advertising delivers a better view and targets a particular geographic area. Images and videos created for promotion by us are noteworthy and catch the attention of the public in a moment. Our target is to generate content which is user-friendly and impactful by creating a unique experience for the customers. Its reach and penetration offer greater benefits for the users.

Event Management

The number one choice for event management

When it is a specific audience you may need to address in a personalised manner; you may host events that could be anything from business meetings, a product launch, road shows, to entertainment programmes, there is a lot of strategizing and tying-up that goes into it. You can leave that to us – from on-spot handling to media management.

We have an experienced event management team who have been there and done it all, whether we’ve had six months or six hours to prepare.

We know how to make events engaging, rewarding and memorable and collaborate closely with our clients to achieve amazing results.

Whatever the campaign we’re working on, we always deliver bespoke, data driven and fully measurable programmes and events that deliver a return on investment for our clients.

When we talk about the brands we work with we talk about ‘partners’ and ‘collaborators’, because that’s what they are to us. They are more than just clients.

We build long-term, trusted relationships and the objectives we work towards are ours as much as theirs; the results we achieve are shared; and we celebrate our successes together.

As a passionate and mobile-focused team, our engagement experts are avid users and followers of latest technologies. As an agency we always seek to provide innovative and leading-edge digital solutions and programmes that push boundaries and exceed client expectations every time.

Digital Marketing

This comprehensive evaluation will look at your business’ current online activity and have Google Certified experts showing you exactly where to improve, using a range of digital marketing services.

Today, there is no need to be isolated in your business; the online space offers incredible opportunities for growth. Having a successful website gives you the chance to take your business to the world, reach new customers, and unlock hidden potential.

But knowing where to start can be daunting. We can help you take advantage of these new opportunities. With our extensive industry experience, we understand how to help people realise their business dream.

If you want to know exactly what’s holding your website back from performing at its full potential, then this Digital Marketing Strategy is for you.

We focus on helping people realise their business dream; we don’t just concentrate on technical solutions, but take a holistic approach, centered on how online sales and marketing tools fit into your business journey. Our unique approach to web design and development incorporates significant aspects of website planning and strategy, so that you can produce measurable results for your business.